Pictures Of Us

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For pictures of Honey and Dave before we were a couple, see the pages for "Sam, Florence, and kids" and "Herb, Marj, and kids".


Our high-school yearbook photos (1959 and 1958)

This page is supposed to be "pictures of us". Well, we officially became an "us" on August 28, 1966
Murray Rosenfeld, Chester Photo Studios


From left: Honey's dad Sam, mom Florence, sister Ilene, Honey, Dave, Dave's brother Bob, mom Marj, sister Ruth, dad Herb (1966)
Murray Rosenfeld, Chester Photo Studios

Honey's family lived in Far Rockaway, a block from the beach. So we spent a lot of time there the summer we got married. Some pictures from the summer:


Before the kids came along we did a lot of sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

On the slopes at Snowmass in Aspen. This was a Holmdel Ski Club trip. (Honey was the secretary of the club at one point.)

This was taken on a day-sail with Dick and Judy Fow on their 29' ketch. We had hoped to see them on our trip to Boston (in the late 1960s), but they were away sailing in Buzzard's Bay. So we changed our itinerary to meet them at Buzzard's Bay.

We put our boat on the trailer and took it to Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club for a regatta. Did reasonably well in the race and had a lot of fun.

Another picture of us at the Little Egg Harbor regatta. There was a good photographer on the committee boat that sent us these pictures.

And then along came children...


Our first holiday card photo, the year Jeff was born (1971)

On bicycles in front of our house (1976)


Honey with Jeff and Dan (1978)


Dave coached soccer in Ocean Township for ten years. Here are the 7-year-old coed Tigers in 1982, stretching before a game.

Jeff with his grandmothers Florence and Marj, Dave (1988)

Jeff (1999)

Dan (1999)


Honey and Dave (2002)

Jeff and Robin (2004)


Jeff and Robin at Sharon's wedding (2004)

Dan and Debbie at Sharon's wedding (2004)


Jeff, Robin, Honey's cousin Bill and aunt Renee Jacobs, Dave, Honey on a trip to San Diego (2004)

Honey and Sheva (Dan and Deb's dog) play on our front lawn (2005)