Sam, Florence, and their kids

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Sam and Florence, 1928


Sam and Florence, 1928


Florence and Sam on a friend's model A Ford, 1928

Honey in 1949

Ilene in 1949

Honey's graduation from Far Rockaway High School, 1959

Honey at Cortland State (about 1961)

Some pictures of us (mostly Honey) about the time we got engaged in 1965.

Honey in Far Rockaway (1965)

Honey in Far Rockaway (1965)

I took this "glamour shot" of Honey in 1965 when we went to Stratford, Conn, for the Shakespeare Festival production of "Taming of the Shrew"

Our semi-official picture before we were married, taken on the Stratford trip. It may still be in Honey's gold heart locket.