Welcome to my golf articles.

Most of the articles are about golf clubs and golf physics, but some are just about golf.
Dave Tutelman

Just Golf

Mostly non-technical articles about golf. Very little clubmaking, engineering, or physics in this section.

Club Design Notes

My eBook introducing the technical side of clubmaking. It starts with a tutorial on the relevant topics of physics, then applies those principles to how golf clubs work. Finally it covers clubfitting from a scientific point of view.

Tutorial: Golf Swing Biomechanics

An introduction to the biomechanics of the golf swing, for non-biomechanists. This tutorial is intended for golf instructors and golfers who want to understand the new science-based knowledge we have of the golf swing.

Golf Clubs & Golf Technology

Clubmaking, clubfitting, and golf technology articles not covered by the other headings.

The Swing

How the golf swing works, mostly from an engineer's point of view.

Impact & Ball Flight

Many of the interesting technical questions in golf relate to the impact between clubhead and ball, and the subsequent flight of the ball.


The shaft is the most complex component of the club, and its contribution to performance is probably the least understood. I have been and continue to be involved in shaft research projects. The articles in this section talk about things like flex, frequency, and spines.

Measuring Instruments and Shop Tools

Many of my contributions to golf club research have been either the design of instruments to measure clubs/components or articles educating clubmakers about how to interpret what such instruments tell you. And while we're on shop tools for measurement, we'll include any discussion of other shop tools here.

The NeuFinder

I have been the principal engineer of the NeuFinder since the NF-4. The NeuFinder is an instrument that measures and profiles shaft flex, using differential deflection. There are a bunch of articles about it on the "Instruments" page, so I'm providing a fast link into NeuFinder articles here.

RSG Events

"RSG" refers to "Rec.Sport.Golf", the netnews newsgroup for golf. Newsgroups were the way interest groups communicated with one another before web forums were invented. (Note: the Internet has been around since the early 1970s. The Web has only been there since 1990, and web forums only became common in the late 1990s. Netnews (or, more properly, Usenet) was very active from about 1980 through the 1990s, though many avid Internet users today have never heard of it. But I digress...

In the mid 1990s, someone on RSG realized that golf is not something you do in front of a keyboard. So invitations went out over RSG for regional golf events, typically long weekends of golf with people you only knew from netnews. Sometimes there were tournaments involved, but that was hardly necessary.

The tradition has continued! There are probably 8-10 such events annually. I usually attend RSG-Pittsburgh, -Hershey, and -Ohio, as well as a small invitational event in the Carolinas in January or February. Here are writeups with pictures of the events I've attended, as well as some I haven't.

My credentials

So who is this Tutelman guy anyway, that I should trust him to know anything about golf technology?