Jeff & Robin's wedding

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Robin Ventriglia and Jeff Tutelman were married at Sandals' resort in Nassau, The Bahamas, on April 25, 2009. The pictures are divided onto two pages. Click on either picture.
If you're not familiar with the cast of characters, scroll down for a who's who.

The wedding day

The family vacation at Sandals

Who's who?

Robin & Jeff - the happy couple

Arlene & John Hochstadter - Mother and other father of the bride
Tom & Joan Ventriglia - Father and other mother of the bride

Honey & Dave Tutelman - Parents of the groom
Tommy & Barbara Ventriglia - Robin's brother and sister-in-law

Jacqueline & Matt Phelan - Robin's sister and brother-in-law
Danielle & Heath Papenberg - Robin's sister and brother-in-law

Dan Tutelman & Debbie Bloom - Jeff's brother and his intended
Ilene & Peter Sobel - Jeff's aunt and uncle

Julie & Tom Farkas - Julie grew up across the street from us and knew Jeff through their school years. She and Tom happened to be at Sandals celebrating their anniversary, and joined us for the reception. (Hey, we were at their wedding 15 years ago.)