Sharon's Wedding

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On October 2, 2004, my niece Sharon Disraeli (known to friends as "Roon") married Rob Brown at Cardiff-by-the-Sea just north of San Diego. The wedding took place on a roof garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here are a few of the pictures from that event.


We were there. L to R: Jeff, Robin, Honey, Dave

It was a mostly cloudy day, with the sun peeking between the clouds and creating some occasionally dramatic effects.
Jeff Tutelman photo

Ruth Disraeli, my sister and -- important role today -- the mother of the bride.

The Ceremony

Here comes the bride!

Walking down the aisle with flower girl Ainsley Forrest.


Scene of the ceremony, Sharon and Rob

Sharon, Laurie Costenborder-Jordan (the minister who performed the ceremony), and Rob

Immediate family of the bride and groom.
L to R: Sharon's stepfather John and mother Ruth; Rob's mother Barbara, sister Samantha, and father Jim.

Addressing the families

Rob being welcomed into Sharon's family...

...and Rob's family welcoming Sharon.

Laurie holds up the wedding rings.

"You are now husband and wife."

"You may kiss..."

... and they do -- with gusto!

The Revelry

Rob and Sharon enjoy the first dance.


Then everybody gets into it.
Dan Tutelman Photo


Dave and Honey gettin' down.
Robin Ventriglia photo

Sharon and Ainsley celebrate. Sharon was Ainsley's nanny for much of 2004, and they are very fond of one another.
Robin Ventriglia photo

Sharon and Honey