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  • Rice - Honey's father was Sam Rice. Sam's father Isaac came from Budapest, started working as a baker, and soon owned his own flour company. He married Lena Eberstark, who had come to America from Nowy Sacz, Poland, and they had seven children that they raised in Brooklyn. Sam was a photoengraver for most of his career, working in Ohio and New York.

  • Doris - Honey's mother was Florence Doris. Her father Abraham immigrated from Bialystok. Her mother Rebecca Zimmerman was born in New York in 1888, to parents who came from towns on the border of Poland and Lithuania. Abraham ran a newspaper distribution business in Brooklyn; their four daughters also worked in the business.

  • Tutelman - Dave's father was Herb Tutelman. Herb's father Max came to New York from Kamenetz-Podolskiy in the southern Ukraine in the late 1800s. On the boat over, he met Dora Shimkover, whom he later married. Max had a career as a postman. Herb was a trained musician, but earned his living as a teacher, becoming a NY City school principal.

  • Friedman - Dave's mother was Marjorie Friedman. Her parents came to this country from Poland, May Quicksilver from Lodz and Harry from Warsaw. Harry owned a girls' and women's clothing store in the Bronx. Marj was a school teacher.

  • Butler - When Honey went searching for relatives, she found some help from Sam's cousin Ruth Butler Edelson (see photo album for a picture of Sam and Ruth). Here is a little detail of that branch of the family.

  • Harry Tutelman - Like Dave's grandfather Max Tutelman, Harry came to America from Kamenetz-Podolskiy at about the same time. While we suspect they are related somehow, we have yet to find the link in conversation with some of Harry's descendants. Harry settled in Philadelphia, and became a very successful industrialist.

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Last updated  23 October 2004