Birthday Cruises

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When Dave's mom Marj approached her eighty-fifth birthday in 1997, she wanted the whole family to celebrate with her. But you don't tell your children to see that their adult children are there; that doesn't work. So she said to everybody, "My birthday party will be on a Caribbean cruise. Who's coming?" Everybody made it.

We all had such a good time that we did it every year through Mom's 90th birthday. A few times each in the Caribbean and the Mexican "riviera", and even once to Alaska. Here are some pictures from the cruises.


Dave, Honey, Dan, and Jeff on a cruise in 1999


Relaxing after snorkeling.
Jeff, Ruth, Honey, Dave
(front) Dan, Sharon

The whole family on a cruise in 1999
(back row from left) Dave, Dan, Jeff, Bob
(front row) Honey, Sharon, Marj, Ruth, Leslie

Dave, Marj, and Jeff (2000)

Honey, Marj, and Dave (2000)


Another big group picture from 2001. (seated, from left) Dan, Honey, Marj
(standing, from left) Dave, Leslie, Bob, Jeff, Ruth, Sharon


Marj's 90th birthday party in 2002.
(seated, from left) Felicia, Marj, Ruth
(standing, from left) Esther, Bob, Leslie, Dave, Jeff, Honey, Rob, Sharon.

From the 2002 cruise. From top: Leslie & Bob, Honey & Dave, Sharon & Rob, Ruth & Jeff, Esther & Deb, Marj & Felicia.

Felicia and Marj (2002)


Debbie and Ruth (2002)


Rob and Sharon (2002)

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