Custer parade and rodeo

The plans called for us to be in Custer, SD, for their "Gold Discovery Days" celebration. That includes a parade, a big rodeo (the SD state championships?), and a re-enactment of local history, culminating in Custer's Last Stand. The first day was the parade and rodeo.

I absolutely must tell you about the rodeo! There was a big grandstand; this was nothing like the local rodeo at Kadoka; that was a pick-up game by comparison. We walked in and were escorted to a large box front and center. Huh!?! Before the events started, the announcer introduced the "special guests" attending. Along with the governor of South Dakota and other local dignitaries, he mentioned "Herb Tutelman, an educator from New York." I know Dad set up our itinerary months in advance, so he had plenty of time to write to the organizers. As a teacher, I guess he was able to use NY City Board of Ed letterhead. And he WAS on official business -- sort of; a sabbatical is an educational experience, by mandate. Still, a little over the top -- ya think? Anyway, I sat between Dad and Miss South Dakota (beautiful lady).

Notice from the diary that I was most impressed by the clowns. I guess I got cowboy ambitions out of my system pretty quick after Kadoka.