To Marion, Ohio

A driving day. We covered over 200 miles. That's a lot, considering both the roads and potentially whiny kids. But we were pretty good, and got better as the trip wore on. Instead of "when will we get there", it was more like "home many miles so far, and how many miles will it be." And we were asking more for bragging rights ("Hey, we went 305 miles today!") than impatience.

Another thing that helped was that the folks would watch out for things we would find interesting, and stop for a break that we would genuinely enjoy. This day, it was a motorcycle race. With 20:20 hindsight, I'm sure Dad knew about them in advance and planned to include them in the itinerary; he was a great travel planner.

Notice that I said something about being the navigator. That happened a lot on the trip. I (or sometimes Bob) sat in the "shotgun" seat and read the map. I was pretty good at keeping Dad informed what was coming up in how many miles. I would look what to expect on the map, then look for road signs to confirm or correct what the map was telling me. Honing that skill was one of the more educational results of The Big Trip.