Our Adult Kids

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Jeff (1999)

Dan (1999)

Jeff and Robin (2004)


Jeff and Robin at Sharon's wedding (2004)

Dan and Debbie at Sharon's wedding (2004)

Dan graduates with his Doctor of Pharmacy. And yes, he really is that tall.

Jeff's parents-in-law, Tom & Joan Ventriglia


Three generations of twins.
Tom Ventriglia and his twin brother Phil.
Tom's twin daughters Danielle and Jackie
holding Tom's and our twin grandsons Justin and Sean.

Jeff and his friends from high school, 24 years later (2013).
Bill Skripko, Brett Novick, Frank McCann, Chris Raike, and Jeff.


Jeff & Dan at Windward Beach park (2015)


Dan is practicing pharmacy in Arizona. He lives in Cottonwood and hikes a few miles away in the Sedona area.