65th Bronx Science High School Reunion

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June 3, 2023 -- 65 years and counting since our graduation in 1958! We had about 80 attendees for this one. Thanks to the Alumni Foundation for setting it up, and to the class social butterfly Susan Gilbert Levine for contacting and convincing this many to attend.

Here are some pictures I took. If you have some from the event that you'd like to see here, contact me and let me know. And please excuse my use use of maiden names. Reunions are about memories, and that's the name I remember you by.

The first few pictures are of people getting reacquainted in the anteroom. There was an open bar, very few tables, and not nearly enough chairs for everyone to sit. I once heard a rule for a good party: have fewer than half the number of chairs as people. Of course, the person who said that was in his twenties, not eighties and not 65 years out of high school. Nevertheless, it seemed to work well for us, too.


Joel Raphael, Bob Diamond, Jerry Robinson, Sheila Kanitsky

Barry Landfield, Susan Gilbert, Bernie Paul

Alex Firestone, Eugene Barasch, Sheldon Kupper
Eugene is displaying the yearbook. He probably needed it to cram for this test, since it has been so long since he covered the material. This is his first reunion since we graduated.

Oliver Koppell, Jeff Golland, Marcia Klaster

Francine Pike, Rhoda Weinberg
Two contenders for the "I look just like I did in high school" award.


Eugene Barasch, Sam and Margaret Ann Bromberger

Bob and Lorelei Diamond

Gerald Luboff, Barnaby Penn

Marian Strauss, Anita Churgin

Richard Woronoff

After a while, they opened up the main room, which was big and elegant.


How big and elegant?
The University Club is an old-money building. We were in a ballroom on the seventh floor, but there were more above. Look at those wooden walls! I'd say walnut, but it might be mahogany. Wow!


Again... How big and elegant?
If you look up, here's what you see on the ceiling.

They had set out a nice buffet, with chicken and salmon dishes and tasty choices in veggies.That's Simon Fenster, Joel Raphael, Richard Woronoff, and Bob Diamond helping themselves.

The staple of an event like this is table pictures.


Laura Barbanel, Rachelle Both, Ruth Hefter, Elizabeth Scoledes
Susan Gilbert Levine photo


Clockwise from left: Bob Diamond, Simon Fenster, Joel Raphael, Maria Sardina, Bernie Paul, Richard Woronoff, Carol Glicksman
This was my table; I'm not in the picture because I'm behind the camera.


Stan Seltzer and Louisa Jacobs spend their first time together since they went to the Senior Prom.
Susan Gilbert Levine photo


Mary Repole, Joel Garrelick, Jordan James Levine, Sandra Garrelick

Oliver Koppell, Eileen Fields
Susan Gilbert Levine photo


Francine Faulkner, Elaine Golding, Karen Seed, John Phillips


Bart Nisonson, Sam Bromberger, Claudia Dade Chase


Elaine Golding and Francine Faulkner
Susan Gilbert Levine photo

Aileen Glanternik,Phil Lilienthal, Bonnie Katz
Susan Gilbert Levine photo


Marian Strauss, Hiroko Otani, Jane Bradley
Susan Gilbert Levine photo

Rhoda Weinberg, Barbara Davidson


Mariel Oppenheimer, Phyllis Friedman, Frances Li
Susan Gilbert Levine photo

Dave Barrett, Judith Lambert


Alex Firestone, Richard Klutch, John Phillips
Susan Gilbert Levine photo

Tovah LaDier, Monte Wasch

There was a microphone. It was totally irresistible for some.


Of course, Susan was the official MC for the party -- and she discharged her duties as effectively as ever. Toward the end of her talk, she invited people to come up and give brief talks of their own. Among those who accepted her invitation...


Bernie Paul


Elaine Golding


Ellen Golding relinquishes the mike back to Susan after speaking her piece.

Notes and 'Dotes

Here are some notes and anecdotes from the reunion.

According to a picture in my archives, Bronx Science had eight cheerleaders in 1958. Believe it or not, four of the eight were at our 65th reunion: Marian Strauss, Elizabeth Scoledes, Ruth Hefter, and Judith Lambert.

The trophy for "She looks exactly as she did in high school" goes to... ?

For several reunions, I have commented on how Rhoda Weinberg hasn't changed a bit. But this time -- where we are all about 80 -- I noticed a bunch of real competition for the title. I think it still goes to Rhoda, but it was a close thing. Take a look at the pictures of Fran Pike, Ellen and Elaine Golding, and Rachelle Both. I'm sure I would recognize them if I just ran into them at random, even without the occasion of a reunion.

On the boys' side of the classroom, there's another set of contenders. I'll nominate Joel Raphael, but I'm biased by having seen him a lot over the years. Without such bias, Monte Wasch and Phil Lilienthal are serious contenders.

When I looked at the list of expected attendees and saw the name Jerome Robinson, I smiled. I could visualize him even though I hadn't seen him since school days. Then I went to the yearbook -- but I could not find his picture. What is going on?

On the day of the reunion, I arrived at the reception desk and looked for my name tag. There were only a few people there yet. (Hey, I'm early to everything, a habit ingrained by early morning practices for the Science swimming team.) But the first person I saw was clearly Jerry; he looked remarkably he way I remembered him. I said hi, and he responded, "I'm just a spouse!" He was disclaiming alumnus status.

After some confused dialog, we determined the relevant facts:
  1. He didn't go to Science; he was here as the husband of Sheila Kanitsky. That explains why I could not find him in the yearbook.
  2. We both went to CCNY, where we were in the same class in eingineering. Must have had some courses together. That explains why I remembered and recognized him.
  3. A little more digging turned up yet another crossing of paths. We were in the same year at Henry Hudson Junior High School. I saw his picture in THAT yearbook too, and it was definitely the same guy.
But we were not together at Bronx Science.

Gerald Luboff and I were recalling how a car was a detriment for city dwellers. Gerald told a story that tops anything I could come up with. He had finished college and graduate school without getting a driver's license, much less a car. His first job was teaching at a college in northern New Jersey, where the public transit system was slim to none. Another brand new professor gave him a lift to school the first day of classes. But on Tuesday, Gerald was on his own. He stepped out, realized he was seven miles from his destination, and polished up his thumb; "Let's see if we can hitchhike to school." After a bit, a car passed him and hit the brakes; the passenger invited Gerald to join them. He asked how close to XXX college (I honestly forgot the name) they could drop him off. The driver said, "Right at the classroom. You're the professor for our first period class."

A number of old friendships were rekindled or reinforced at this reunion. Susan told me about most of these:

If you missed your own picture or someone else's here, the Alumni Fund posted a lot of pictures that probably caught everybody in at least one. I was not thrilled with the photo quality, and there are no captions, but here's a link for what it's worth. I don't know how long the pictures will remain up.