Christmas blizzard of 2010

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I posted this album to Facebook at the time. The captions include some of the comments and replies.

One thing you need to understand: this was a brutal storm at the coast. Golf courses were not able to open for two and a half months. But once you got 10 or 20 miles inland, there was a lot less snow. For our traditional New Years Eve round of golf, we drove to the Poconos. Believe it or not, there were golf courses open and beautiful playing conditions in this normally ski-vacation area.

The snow started Sunday Dec 26. Here's what it looked like Monday morning.

View from the garage. Biggest shoveling job in almost 40 years in the house.

Dan Tut - Good Lord. Is that a drift? Looks like the view looking straight across the street, like you started shoveling from the garage and tried to make your way straight out. That's gotta be 2.5 feet easy--maybe 3.
Dave Tutelman - The left side is a drift; probably 4 feet. The minimum I saw on my property is still over 2.5 feet, and it's mostly 3-3.5 feet
Jeff Tutelman - Now I don't feel so bad about how much snow we got in South Plainfield last night. About 6-12 inches less than you.
Rosalind Hopenfeld - Here in our suburban D.C. locale, west of I-95, we had a few flurries!


Neighbor Frank's house across the street. WHAT STREET?!?


Those white lumps are our cars

Philip Angelo - Wow!! You certainly got a lot more snow than I did west of Boston!!
Dave Tutelman - I don't know if it's shifting weather patterns or what. Ocean Township used to get away with less snow than most of the northeast. Now we're The Big Shovel. I lived in Boston for a year (grad school), having lived the rest of my life in the Bronx. I always thought of Boston as Snow City -- well, for the eastern seaboard anyway. Can't compare with the midwest or even Buffalo.
Philip Angelo - Perhaps it's time to invest in a snow thrower, lol 🙂
Dave Tutelman - Snow blower. Uhhh. I had one all picked out a month ago. Honey said, "We really don't need one that big. Doesn't Jim (next door neighbor) have one much smaller?" So that purchase got vetoed. Today, Jim took all day with his mini-blower; I really would have needed the 24" two-stage model I was looking at. Honey finally agrees. We'll see if they still have any.
Philip Angelo - Haha "Vetoed". Hit up Craigslist, maybe you'll find a decent one. I got mine on CL last November. Runs like a top and takes anything in its path with a smile. Saved the day today, that's for sure 🙂.


Better not get any front-door deliveries today.

Another neighbor shoveling out. There is no street apparent.


...And now the snowplow is making it worse, piling up a wall at the end of the driveways. Oh well, at least now there's something to shovel out TO!


Patterns in the wind-swept snow.


Day two: mostly dug out. Only a couple of hours work left.

Neighbor Frank DeLello, whose effort with his snow-blower helped get me to the point of the previous photo.
Dan Tut - Ouch! Head high. I hope he's short.
Dave Tutelman - He's average height. Lots o' head-high piles of snow. The one on the right of the picture would be head-high on YOU.


Day three: Tilton Drive has been plowed. In fact, it is in better shape than most of the state roads -- like Routes 35, 66, and 18. Look at those walls of snow!
Dan Tut - Whoa! That IS incredible. I walked Sami in shorts and T shirt today. Sorry. Had to get in a little jab.[Dan lived in Phoenix and Sami was his dog]
Dave Tutelman - Sami must have looked funny in shorts and a tee shirt.