The 2005 Rice Family Reunion

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In June of 2005, a family reunion organized by Robert and Melva Orlins was held in Santa Ana, California. The location was close to Irvine, so Murray Rice could attend. Here are some of the pictures taken there; most were taken at the Saturday night dinner.


Robert and Murray
Jillian Rice photo


Murray, Robert & Melva, and Dorothy

Melva and daughter Rachel


Dave and Honey Tutelman hang out with Robert at the hotel pool

Janet with Jerry and Neil Morrow


Ace and Maril Rice with Ace's daughter Jillian


Ace and Maril enjoy a quiet moment at the dinner


Maril's sons Matt and Zach

Mary Wong and Bill Lepowsky, who set up this lovely dinner


Mary and Bill share a table with Sean and Matt Courtois

Zora and Kate Courtois

The youngest attendees, Mei Lepowsky and Zora Courtois

Melissa and Brett Allen


Rachel, Honey, Dave, Jeff Tutelman, Robin Ventriglia
Jillian Rice photo