Articles about technology and science

Evolution of computing power

I just got a smartphone. I didn't get it as a phone, though of course it has that capability. I got it as a computer! In my first couple of hours of playing with it, I was struck with the realization that this tiny gadget is the current heir to the computing legacy I have watched and lived since I was a teenager -- and I was astounded how far we have come.

Technology Forecast - 2016

This article is a critique of a technology forecast based on a seminar hosted by Singularity University. That forecast is predictably consistent with SU's major tenet that, sooner rather than later, artificial intelligence will grow without bound and make our lives much better. But it is much broader than just AI. My critique agrees with much that is said. But I question the time frame of some of the predictions; we aren't nearly ready to move ahead with them. I also throw in some caveats about societal implications of the forecast.

Technology Forecasting

Technology forecasting itself is a "vocational skill", which involves being able to apply some well-understood principles. Here are some of the ways a professional forecaster looks at things.

Chicken Little

Every so often I get a panicked email from a relative, with an attachment that somebody sent her in an email. "Is this true? It's really scary!" That is an improvement from previous years, when she would pass it along as gospel. Hey, not everything you read on the Internet is true. Here are some ways to figure out what's true and what's not.