Even Tiger Thinks So...

Dave Tutelman -- Oct 9, 2009

From Golf Digest, Nov'09, p.28


Q.What is the best tip you would give to a beginner?
(Anne Patterson, Boulder, CO)
A.Find clubs that fit you. It will save you a ton of aggravation from the start. Make sure they aren't too short, long or heavy. Otherwise, you'll adapt your swing to the equipment in a way that might not be technically sound. It's easy to get fit, and it really does matter.

Y'all know I believe this.  Now you know that Tiger thinks so, too.

I agree with everything he says here. I'd go farther. I'd point out that grip size and type, shaft flex and shaft profile, loft and lie are also an important part of the fitting. I'm sure Tiger thinks so, too. But the Golf Digest editors only allotted this a couple of column inches, so only the basics could be included.

Anyway, Tiger believes in getting fitted for clubs. Why not you?

What is the inevitable conclusion this leads to?
  1. Those selling off-the-shelf brand name clubs have always relied, when push comes to shove, on the endorsements of the tour pros. Now the unquestioned best of the tour pros says that fitting is the most important thing.
  2. Read it again! If fitting is "the best tip for a beginner", then it is the most important thing. Even more important than the brand of club you get.
  3. If it's that important, you should find someone who knows how to fit clubs. That leaves out the salesman in the "big box" store. Find a specialist in custom fitting.
Hey, that's not just my message. It's Tiger's.