The Plantation Course

Reynolds Plantation - December 2011

In December of 2011, the same four guys went to Warren's house for another five days. We played the same courses, except for The Landing. Instead we played the Plantation course. I have no new pictures from last year's courses, but did take a few shots on Plantation.

For the most part, the weather was a lot colder than last year. (Well it figures. Last year we went in November, not December.) But the day we played Plantation, it got to almost 70. It was a beautiful sunny day, great for pictures, but leaving us seriously overdressed.

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The par-3 third hole. If you look closely, you will notice four balls on the green -- including a few makeable birdie putts. These guys are good -- at least for one hole.
Warren on the fifth hole, a par-5 down to Lake Oconee. Bob and Rich are set to keep an eye on the ball, necessary in the morning sun.
Rich makes contact on the par-3 eighth hole.
Bob's tee shot on the very difficult twelfth hole. Well, I found it difficult, anyway. I think all of us except Warren did. It has a most unusual shape, which you can't see from the tee (nor even from your second shot unless your tee shot is really good.

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