Golf at Reynolds Plantation

Dave Tutelman
November 2010

Left to right: Dave Tutelman, Bob Hurley, Warren Furie, Rich Adleman
We play regularly as a Wednesday foursome on the Monmouth County courses. But one of our members, Warren Furie, built his dream home at Reynolds Plantation in Georgia, a truly prime golf community. Warren invited us down for a week, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much, Warren!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the week. If you click on a thumbnail picture, you will get the full-size version of the photo.
Same four guys. One of the bag boys took this one for us after a round of golf.
 L to R: Bob, Warren, Dave, and Rich

Bob and Warren at the Bobmobile
Bob Hurley's big ol' land yacht was by far the biggest car among the four of us. It was big enough to hold all four of us and all four sets of clubs, golf shoes, and other paraphernalia. So we used it for all our transport for the week -- all of us able to go in one car. (And, by the end of the week, Bob could drive us back to the house without getting lost.) 0_us2b_bobmobile_trunk.jpg
There was enough trunk for
four golf bags with room to spare

Rich & Warren
We put on our golf shoes on the front steps, and we're off for some golf!
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