Family Vacation at Sandals Bahamas

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These statues greet us as the airport shuttle pulls up in front of the resort. For scale, look at Honey at the base of the statue.


Dramatic stained glass roof over the entranceway.


The first thing that you see upon entering the compound is the Neptune Fountain.


The villas are set among a beautiful tropical garden. Here is a montage of pictures I took there.

Honey plays with the garden chess set.


Spices restaurant (one of the half-dozen restaurants at the resort) has outside tables. The birds own the tables between the time the diner leaves and the bus-staff arrives.

Danielle and Heath frolic on the beach.

Much of resort life is at the pool, tucked in between the living quarters and the restaurants.


Dave, Arlene, Jeff, Robin, and John meet poolside before dinner.


Father/son - Tommy and Tom soak up the sun.

Sisters -- Honey and Ilene


The outdoor bar is at the edge of the pool. More customers sit on the tiled underwater bar stools than on dry land. And more people in the pool are sitting at the bar than swimming.

Even after dark, there is much to see and do.


The boardwalk and beach as the sun sets.


Neptune Fountain at night.


Jazz at the fire pits by the beach.


Sandals by night.