Robin & Jeff: Wedding day!

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Sandals does a lot of weddings. (Nassau does a lot of weddings. On the immigration questionnaire, the first checkbox for the question "Why are you coming to The Bahamas?" is "wedding". Not vacation, wedding.) Naturally, Sandals has a staff experienced in handling the occasion. The ceremony was presided over by Hutchinson, and photographed by Ingrid. They both did a fine job.

Goin' to the 'chapel'


The wedding site was the beach in front of Sandals' wedding gazebo. Yes, they even have a wedding gazebo.


Some of the parents of the happy couple: John, Arlene, Honey, and Dave. (Tom was preparing to walk the bride down the aisle.)

Ilene, Honey, and Deb


Ilene and Peter

The couple arrives


Of course, the groom and the best man arrive first. Hutchinson has them face the ocean; they aren't supposed to see the bride arrive.


Robin and Tom arrive, and prepare to walk down the aisle.

Here comes the bride!

Right down the aisle -- such as it is.

Tom turns Robin over to Jeff's care...

...and Hutchinson begins the ceremony.

The ceremony...


The wedding party consisted of Robin's sisters Danielle and Jacqueline as bridesmaids and Jeff's brother Dan as the best man.

May we have the rings, please?

"With this ring..."


Two! This is a double-ring affair.

Hutchinson told Jeff to make this a habit every morning.

The "I declare you husband and wife" moment.

"You may now kiss..."


Posing for the official portrait.

The first dance is right here on the beach.

While they dance, other guests are blowing bubbles to create ambience.

The families celebrate


Everybody wants to hug everybody else -- but especially wants to hug the bride and groom.

The groom's mother gets to hug the groom...

...AND the bride.


John, Arlene, Robin, Jeff, Barb, Tommy

Honey, Robin, Jeff, Dave

Heath, Danielle, Matt, Jacqueline

But the ceremonies were not quite through

The bride and groom still have to sign the wedding registry -- or whatever that big book is.


So do the witnesses, bridesmaid Jacqueline and best man Dan.

Then there's the obligatory champagne toast.

...And of course the cutting of the cake.

Here is where it often gets messy. Robin & Jeff did it without much muss or fuss.


Dave, Honey, and Julie at the afternoon reception.
Tom Farkas photo

The revelry lasted long into the night


Jeff, Robin, Dan, and Deb


Tom and all his kids:
Jacqueline, Danielle, Tommy, and Robin

The twins, Danielle and Jacqueline, clowning around.

Debbie and Dan
Tom Farkas photo

Peter dances with one of the staff. I think he said her name was Samanda.