School and Class Photos

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Let's start with the elementary school class pictures. I'll try to put down who is who in the class pictures, while I can still remember some of them. The pictures were taken in 1947 and 1952, and I'm writing this in 2006. It's amazing I can remember anybody!

Postscript: I did remarkably well with them, if I say so myself. Then, in 2016, I joined a Facebook group entitled "Parkchester Teens of the '50s". I posted the pictures to the group and got 3-4 more identifications, and confirmations of others where I wasn't sure.


Mrs Wolfson's 1st grade class

=== First row: ===
Stephen Handel (?)
Marty Shapiro

=== Second row: ===
Camilla Schwieger
Martha Grossman
Linda Robbins
Martha Sosnoff (?)
Cynthia Sage (?)
Rosalind Kahn (?)

=== Third row: ===
Barbara Rubin
Lorraine Jaeger
Dina Zlatkin
Linda Schnur
Marion Lerman
Annette Braunstein
Carol ???
Adrienne Ghigna

=== Fourth row: ===
Martin Preede
Jeff ???
Stephen Winokur
Billy Langsam (?)
Jerold Berger (?)
Herbert Blitzer
Bruce Bassman


Mr Grodenchik's 6th grade class

=== First row: ===
Roger Sicherman
Peter Chin
Joey Bruckenstein
Stephen Draizin
Eric Yovine

=== Second row: ===
Isobel Fox
Carol Meyers
Rosalind Leavy
Joan Carnes (?)
Suzanne Yustman
Virginia ???

=== Third row: ===
Howard Brock
Me (in the boy scout uniform)
Patricia Connolly
Martha Grossman
Susan Teller
Carol Hilton
Carol Anelante
Naomi Zucker
Bruce Benshine
Eddie Connelly (did we actually have 2 Connollys? guess so)

=== Fourth row: ===
Richie Thornton
Steven Godwin
Larry ???
Norman Kingoff
Stephen Winokur (some people always wind up in the same place)
Ira Schechter
Larry Newman
Leonard Haas (I think he was in this class; if so, that's him)
Bruce Bassman (also in the same place)

This Junior High School 125 9th grade photo is from the yearbook,
and the names are on the photo itself; you just have to scroll up and down.

I was in Mr Long's class.

There were other JHS classes with people I knew. Here are most of them:

Mr. Brandes's class

Miss Blatt's class

Mr. Basile's class

Mr. Alterman's class