Herb, Marj, and their kids

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Marj and Herb in the Oval at Parkchester (1941)

Marj and newborn Dave (1941)

Marj and Dave at Kenmore Lake (1942)


Marj, Dave, and Herb (1942)

Dad took Bob and me to our first baseball game in 1951, at the old Yankee stadium. Back then, the monuments were in center field, and the fans could walk on the field after the game. I took this picture of Bob and the monuments with my trusty Kodak Duaflex II.


Dave's group from summer day camp in 1954. (Dave isn't in the picture; probably behind the camera.)
Front: Bob Podhurst, Jerry ???, Marty Shapiro, Bobby Miller.
Back: Bruce Altman, Howie Podber, Gary Steinberg, Julian Olf, Marshall Polan


Dave was a counselor at the same camp in 1956. I'm amazed I remember the names of most of my 8-year-old charges:
Front: Charlie Goldberg, Steve Horowitz, Dennis ???, Seth Rosenthal, Ira Messing.
Back: Mark Howard Shapiro, Marty Irwin, me, Eric Lowenthal.

Dave in 1959

Dave's college buddies used to take a "road trip" to Bear Mountain every Fall. This was probably taken in 1959. Left to right: Barry Epstein, Dave, Harvey Shapiro, Norm Sider, Mike Kaufman, Ray Lasser, Danny Katz, Bob Heine.

Dave played a lot of tennis while in HS and college. This was taken in 1960.

Here's photos of Ruth, Bob, and Dave taken in 1961

A series of photos taken in early 1966 in Parkchester


Dave and Bob


Honey and Dave


Ruth and Marj