The Friedman Family

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Four generations: newborn Dave enjoys the attention of his mother Marj, grandpa Harry, and great-grandma Anna (1941)


Marj, her uncle Phil and aunt Belle, and (?) Harry's sister Sophie (1958)


Phil and Belle Friedman (1958)


Esther, Felicia, and Ellen Thompson (1958)

The Quicksilvers plus some Tutelmans and Friedmans, in 1944. In front is Francine Thally Katz and Dave. Standing, from left: Jean Thally, Mac & Madeline Gross, May Friedman, Marj Tutelman (holding newborn Bob), Robert Thally, Bertha Finkenthal, Stella Ross, Harry Friedman, Max Tutelman.


From left: Abe and Bertha Finkenthal and their son Robert [Thally], May Friedman and her daughters Marj and Felicia

Robert Thally and daughter Francine.


Grandma May had three sisters, Madeline, Bertha, and Stella. These pictures show some of them as girls, but I'm not sure which ones. I'm almost certain the oldest and biggest here is May. The sister on the left in pictures #1 and #2 looks like some later pictures of Madeline, so I'm guessing that's her. I don't know who the other one is.

My great-grandfather, my mother's maternal grandfather, Morris Quicksilver.