Arriving in Miami

We spent almost a month in Miami, with a few side trips like The Keys.

Grandpa Max, Dad's father, wintered in Miami Beach every year. So our long stop there served as a family visit, as well as a decompression from all the travel. We settled into more of a vacation mode than touring mode, and many of the days were the same. So I'll only add my own commentary to the diary pages if something different and memorable happened.

The hotel was The Tropics Hotel on Collins Avenue in South Beach. It was rather art-deco; still is, if the StreetView pictures on Google are correct. Right across the street was a big hotel on the beach. Today it is the Royal Palm South Beach, but I'm pretty sure it was a different name then. The important thing for us was, as "residents" of The Tropics, we had beach privileges there. (I think we also had lobby and restaurant privileges as long as we behaved, but I'm not certain of that part.) The Tropics had its own pool, clean and uncrowded, and I don't remember ever using the pool at the hotel across the street.