The Tamazunchale Road

In 1951, the Tamazunchale Road (usually called "Thomas and Charlie Road" by American tourists) was reputed to be the most dangerous drive in the world. Winding through the mountains, poorly paved where it was paved at all, and mostly one lane in each direction. Where it wasn't, it was one lane period! Having been told of its reputation, I was on pins and needles about this drive. It lived up to its billing. We navigated it safely, but slowly.

I recently Googled it to see if it has been improved much since then. I found a current online travel guide to Mexico saying, "Because of the winding two-lane road (which should never be driven at night) and the early morning fogs that blanket this Husateca region, drivers often stopped [in Tamazunchale] before heading south to Pachuca and Mexico City." Apparently not all that much has changed in two thirds of a century.