Hangin' out in Mexico City

"Jack and Jill Magazine in the mail!" I haven't thought for years about that detail of life on the road. How do we get mail? (E-mail is much older than you think; I was using it daily in 1976. But it's not that old; we didn't have it in 1951.)

We had an itinerary before we started, but it was a flexible itinerary. (Weather. Illness. Didn't find someplace interesting, or found it more interesting than we expected.) Dad was able to give our local post office a forwarding address, but one that changed often -- probably every week. It was General Delivery to the main post office of the city we expected to be in. We dropped by the post office just before we left a city, and picked up what mail had accumulated for us. Apparently Mexico also honored General Delivery. It was tricky planning, though. I think we allowed for a maximum of a week for forwarded mail to get to the destination post office. So the forwarding address changed from city A to city B a week before the earliest date we might leave City A. Think about it; you'll get it.

BTW, "Jack and Jill" magazine was favorite reading for me (probably Bob as well). It is intended for kids ages 7-12, and would be considered educational. It is still being published today.