I wrote that the bullfight was exciting. I remember being excited when the matador was in action, but most of the time pretty bored. The majority of time at a bullfight is either waiting for the next bull or while other the players (picadors, banderilleros) get the bull angry. When the bull is mad enough to charge any human within reach, then on comes the matador for a one-on-one.

It's interesting that I found the bullfights less upsetting than the Swift meat packing plant in Chicago. I'm sure that will drive animal rights activists nuts. I guess a ten-year-old is more influenced by blood and gore than the necessity of killing an animal. Totally unnecessary in the case of bullfighting; that is just for sport. In one of the bullfights I saw, the bull got the better of the matador -- so I guess I could be convinced it was a somewhat fair fight. But that almost never happens; I just got very lucky. It really is not a sporting contest.