Morning and afternoon beach

There was a "morning beach" and an "afternoon beach" in Acapulco.

The morning beach was on an island; we had to go there by boat. The water was calm and clear. We could look down and see colorful tropical fish swimming around our legs.

The afternoon beach was in town, on the mainland. In the afternoon, where were always waves coming in from the sea. That is where I learned to body-surf, which for many years remained my favorite way to deal with ocean waves.

I tried to verify the island nature of the morning beach by looking at aerial photos on Google Maps. There is an island off Acapulco called Isla de la Roqueta. That triggered a long-dormant memory: Roqueta Beach. If I was right about that, then the afternoon beach was Caleta Beach. I zoomed in. Sure enough, the island beach was Playa la Roqueta and the mainland beach Playa Caleta. I'm amazed I remembered that; there has been no need to know it since we left Acapulco.