Taxco is a silver-working city. For years -- until I reviewed this diary -- I had thought my obsidian-on-sterling ring was from Taxco; now I know it was from Teotihuacan (the ancient Aztec city in Mexico City).

I remember the Hotel de la Borda as very comfortable and hospitable. Well-equipped game room, which we kids really enjoyed. Large public spaces and roomy, comfortable dining room. Which brings us to...

Funny incident over breakfast. We had a large round table either next to a big glass wall or out on the patio; I don't remember which. The wait-staff all spoke English; this was the best hotel in a tourist-popular town, so it got a lot of Americans. Our waiter came to take our order and stopped in mid-sentence, staring at Dad. "Mr Tutelman? Mr Tutelman!" He had been one of Dad's sixth-grade students years before. He was taking a year off from college to earn more tuition money -- and see other parts of the world. That has happened to Dad many times over the years, but rural Mexico made this the most dramatic and surprising.