We hit Patzcuaro on a market day, and I did more photography (or at least took more "keepers") than any other day of the trip.


Market day at Patzcuaro

A Mexican family
at the market

Cactus garden
(L) Prickly Pear
(R) Saguaro

Isle of Janitzio
on Lake Patzcuaro
The photo captions are as I wrote them in the paper album at age 10 -- even the plant identification for the cactus garden. Saguaro is distinctly a southwest desert plant: Arizona and New Mexico. Prickly Pear is much more hardy; I have seen it growing wild in Sandy Hook Park, here at the New Jersey shore. Sand, yes. But a saltwater beach and a real winter.

Again, may we have a little less laughter about my English-phonetic spelling of two of the towns we saw today.