Drive to Durango

A long driving day. "The scenery was dull" is applicable to almost all of northwestern Mexico. The first day n Mexico, my diary had spoken of a "dusty little Mexican town". Until we got close to Guadalajara, all the towns were kind of depressing. The townsfolk were barely scratching an existence from hardscrabble ground. Except for the cathedral, which every town had, nothing could be described as even vaguely prosperous.

One scene in particular sticks in my memory. The road passed a farm town trying to live on what the semi-desert could produce. The town itself consisted, very typically for northwest Mexico, of adobe huts and a large, gilded, even ornate cathedral. In the foreground were women spreading peppers on the ground to dry in the sun. The peppers provided the only bright color we had seen all day: vivid reds, yellows, and greens.

I'm not sure about the reference to "newly made friends from Ohio". I can only guess that we ran into another US family in Camargo that was going the same way we were, and we agreed to meet for lunch.