North Rim of Grand Canyon

Getting to to Angel's Window was not just "tricky"; it was terrifying. I remember the ridge to the promontory as less than 5 feet wide in places. The drop was hundreds of feet into the canyon. There was a railing -- but just one. It was to hold onto, not to keep you from falling off; if they intended the latter, there would have been two, with room for you in between them. Every time I look at the picture Dad took of the rest of us on that point, I wonder what he was thinking. We could have been killed. Until we find Dad's pictures of the trip, this commercial photo of Angel's Window will show you what we faced.


Angel's Window

The "long and narrow" trail yielded an interesting souvenir. We were walking single file, with me taking up the rear. Every one of us tripped on a rock sticking out of the ground in the middle of the trail. But I was the only one to bend down and look at it. It looked like a funny-shaped scallop shell. We pried it out of the ground and took it with us. When we found a park ranger to ask (I think that was at the South Rim), he identified it as a fossil of a Brachiopod, over 200 million years old. He also allowed us to keep it, much to our surprise. I still have it in my rock collection.