On the road to Helena

I made lots of things that didn't come out of a toy store kit box. I'm pretty sure I know what the craft projects mentioned in the diary were. And they weren't just crafts; when finished I went outside and played with them.
  • The Tiger Shark Rocket Ships were probably paper planes with a tiger shark face. When I was finished making them, I'm sure I went out and flew them.
  • The parachutes are easy. A handkerchief, four lengths of string each about a foot long, and something for weight -- an ounce of washers or hex nuts are perfect. Tie the strings to the four corners of the handkerchief. Tie the other ends of the strings to the weight. Wrap the strings around the bunched-up cloth, and throw it as high in the air as you can. As soon as it starts down, the weights unwind the string and the parachute opens and floats to the ground.