Hot springs and nature trails


Yellowstone Lake
Bob, Ruth, and Leonard (a friend)

The woods
(Bears too, if you
look hard enough.)

Old Faithful Village Lodge was the center of activity in the geyser area. There were all sorts of activities: trail hikes (guided or self-guided) and always some sort of talk going on. The park rangers had answers to all my questions. And there was all sorts of free literature at the Lodge: flyers about things to do, and pamphlets about the geology and history of the area. As an enthusiastic reader, that kept me very happily occupied.

Geysers spout hot water up in the air rather dramatically, but they are outnumbered by the less active hot springs and pools. Of course, you can't do justice to the pools without color film. The growth (lichens?) on the pools' rock walls is color-coded by temperature, among other things.