First view of the Rocky Mountains

I'm amazed I wrote nothing about the experience of seeing the Rockies loom on the horizon. I remember it vividly to this day. We drove in from Cheyenne, north and east of Denver. At first, there was purple-blue-gray mist on the horizon. As we drove the mist grew and appeared more like clouds. Eventually we were able to see some details and features. At that point, it was clear the clouds were mountains. They were huge compared to anything we had ever seen before. The Green Mountains and White Mountains in New Englad were big, but nothing on this scale. South Dakota's Black Hills were dwarfed. Even the Appalachians we encountered on the Pennsylvania Turnpike were missing an important element suggesting size. I had never before seen mountains with snow on them in the middle of summer! It was really dramatic, the drama stretched out over maybe 40-50 minutes of driving toward them -- the long time frame further emphasizing the size of the Front Range.

So impressive! How could I have said nothing in the diary?