Through NJ to Pennsylvania

We set out on the Fourth of July, 1951. The first day was relatively short, both mileage and time. (We didn't leave until mid-afternoon.) We zipped across the George Washington Bridge, then across New Jersey on US 1. Why US 1? Remember, the roads were not what they are today. At least US 1 had two lanes in each direction. Most of the roads we would take over then next seven months -- even major cross-country roads -- were one lane each way.

I was an enthusiast about drawing pictures. You will see them at the bottom of many of my diary pages. This one is only self-explanatory if you remember your history of the American Revolution. Even just out of the fourth grade, I knew that Washington had crossed the Delaware to surprise the British at Trenton on Christmas night in 1776, a turning point in the war. I was moved by the fact that the bridge we were on was close to where Washington's men rowed across the river.